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Paint Inpection Services is comprised of highly ethical, respected and diversified industry professionals specializing in assessing the specific needs and areas of interest for our clients across a wide spectrum of specialties within the exterior paint/coating, interior lining, flooring and fireproofing industries. Our NACE Certified staff is experienced in commercial, industrial, architectural and institutional coating inspection, design and project management throughout the world, and we invite you to put those vast experiences to work for you.

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Coating Inspection Services 



Our NACE Certified Coating Inspection Team provides both full time and hold point inspections during all phases of surface preparation, material application and final project acceptance. read more

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Project Management

From specification writing to final application and acceptance, our staff administers and enforces compliance to the contract specifications and provides the assurance that all of our client’s highest expectations are achieved. read more

Our Recent Project

JC Decaux

The largest outdoor advertising company in the world relied on our expertise to conduct a coating failure analysis, write a comprehensive project specification and provide full time inspection and overall project management services to insure the project was completed with the highest quality coating application, on time and within budget.

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

When a dispute cannot be resolved, our staff carefully and cautiously investigates all client matters with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. Our areas of expertise include industrial accident investigation and safety analysis, premature coating application failures and environmental matters.

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Legal Support Services

Our client’s need to know where they stand with respect to their unique situation before the matter excalates any further. PIS provides realistic potential outcomes to our clients before the initiate or further pursue their matter. Our main goal: Dispute Resolution that is in our client’s best interests. read more

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Expert Legal Witness

When an agreement cannot be reached and litigation is inevitable, our staff members are carefully selected to match a client’s needs based upon their extensive education, background and experience along with their documented and verifiable credentials.

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Paint Inspection Services

Project Design Services

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Health, Safety & Hygiene

Project Management

Failure Testing & Analysis


Training & Development

Industry Markets

  • Heavy Highway and bridge
  • Railroad
  • Tank Farms
  • Process Piping
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Above Ground Water Storage Tanks
  • Below Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
  • Refining
  • Off Shore
  • Ships, Barges & Shipyards
  • Secondary Containment
  • Above & Below Ground Gas and Oil Transmission
  • Sugar Refining & Processing
  • Bio Fuel fermentation & Processing
  • Amusement Parks & Water Parks
  • Aviation and Airport facilities
  • Facility Management
  • Passenger Transportation
  • Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Generation