Certification #5071

The managing partner at American Paint Inspection Services holds certification #5071.  Learn more about the man behind the company and why you want to hire Paint Inspection Services if you are in need of a coatings expert.


Coatings Pro Magazine

June 2014

The Case of the Yellowing Paint

Failure analysis of a (3) coat painting system applied to new and existing structural steel members at the world’s largest freshwater treatment plant, the Jardine Water Purification Plant, located in Chicago, IL.

January 2015

Coated Skid Mounts: Were They Really “OK” to ship?

Failure analysis of a (2) coat painting system applied to structural steel skid mounts placed in service in solar energy farms at various locations throughout North America.

Education and Experience

US Army (OHARNG), 16th Engineer Brigade – 1985 to 1988
Headquarters Company, 112th Engineer Battalion
Operations (S2) and Intelligence (S3)
Combat Engineer (12B) and Bridge Crewman (12C)

Ashland University, Ashland Ohio – 1993
Bachelor of Science (BSBA)

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
Level III Certified Coating Inspector – 1995
Certification # 5071

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Bridge Painting Quality Control Specialist – 2010
Work Type 26 Bridge Painting Certificate – 2010


Paint Inspection Services, Inc.

Greater Cincinnati, OH
Managing Partner – 2010 to Present

Commonwealth Corrosion Consultants

Covington, KY
Vice President of Operations – 2002 to 2010

Enerfab Incorporated

Cincinnati, OH
Various Positions – 1993 to 2002

Coating & Lining Division (Including Glass Lined Tanks)

General Manager – 1999 to 2002
Director of Operations – 1997 to 1999

Process Vessels, Tank Fabrication and Tank Lining Sales

Regional Sales Manager – 1994 to 1997
Inside Sales – 1993 to 1994


Coatings Pro Magazine
Editorial Advisor Group (EAG) – Committee Member

NACE International
Formerly Known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers

NACE Specific Technology Groups (STG)

STG 02 – Protective Coatings & Linings for Atmospheric Service
STG 03 – Protective Coating & Linings for Immersion & Buried Service
STG 04 – Surface Preparation
STG 11 – Water Treatment
STG 35 – Pipelines, Tanks & Well Casings
STG 39 – Process Industries: Material Applications & Experiences
STG 43 – Land Transportation

NACE Technology Exchange Groups (TEG)

TEG 118X – Failure Prevention Case Histories
TEG 185X – Economics of Corrosion
TEG 192X – Coating Industry Problems Confronting Owners & Contractors
TEG 291X – Land Transportation: Information Exchange on Corrosion and
Coating Related Issues

ASTM International
Formerly Known as the American Society for Testing & Materials

D01.00 – Paint and Related Coatings, Materials & Applications
D01.20 – Quality Assurance and Statistics
D01.23 – Physical Properties of Applied Paint Films
D01.25 – Evaluation of Weathering Effects
D01.26 – Optical Properties
D01.46 – Industrial Protective Coatings
D01.53 – Coil Coated Metal
E12.00Color and Appearance: Properties & Characteristics

Paint Inspection Services’s Background

My post-college graduation career began at Enerfab as an intern in 1993 where I progressed from inside sales of spare parts and support to outside sales of fabricated tanks, vessels, reactors, and process piping systems. My assigned sales territories included time developing clients in the southwest, west coast, and the entire country of Canada. Opportunities became available in the coating and lining division of the company, and my career focus shifted.

I began in sales and ultimately managed all of the lining and coating operations, including multiple shops and field crews for various projects in the food & beverage, ethanol, chemical & petrochemical, power generation, tank fabrication & erection, freshwater, wastewater treatment, potable water, and various other industries.

Conducted research and development in coating selection, trained employees in QA / QC, supervised installations, and ran the day to day operations of 40-50 field employees, office and engineering staff members.

I have extensive experience working in the NFCOJ markets including projects for Tropicana, Golden Gem, Citrosuco, and Southern Gardens, to name a few. There is no aspect of surface preparation, material installation, coating selection, curing, cleaning, and preparing tanks for service that I have not researched extensively, and this includes, but not limited to, all the HS&E factors associated with tank lining projects.

In 2000, we purchased the assets of the Ceramic Coatings Company and incorporated their tank fabrication and process piping capabilities into our main Cincinnati, OH facility while maintaining the frit manufacturing and heat treating facility in Newport, KY. I was the general manager of these operations with full responsibility for engineering and design, QA / QC, sales, marketing, production, and operations.

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