Expert Witness & Litigation SUPPORT Services

Our dedicated staff has experience and proven success as  expert witnesses with the background and experience necessary to focus a very specific set of technical  skills with respect to your situation and potential litigation.  We provide clear and concise feedback, conclusions and comprehensive reports in an easily understandable format.


Our clients need to know the strength of their case just as soon as reasonably possible, and our combined resources are precisely focused to accomplish that goal.


Our Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services Include

  • Comprehensive Failure Analysis
  • Detailed Statement of Defects List
  • Replacement or Repair Determination with Fixed Costs
  • Laboratory Investigation and Analytical Testing
  • Harvesting, Cataloging and Storage of Physical Evidence
  • Professional Photography, Digital Video and Drone Services
  • Specification Review and Project Conformance
  • Replacement Contractor Selection and Vetting
  • Replacement Quality Control and Inspection Site Specifications
  • Periodic Warranty Inspections
  • Overall Case Review and Direct Consultation
  • Warranty and Fitness for the Intended Purpose Analysis
Legal Coatings Expert Witness

When You Need A Paint or Coating Specialist

Should it be necessary, our litigation support team is both poised and prepared to substantiate, document, and illustrate to a jury that our client’s position is well-founded on facts, scientific evidence, industry standards, the contract documents and presented in a common sense manner by a highly qualified expert.

Please contact us if you’d like to request additional information. Our free initial confidential consultation includes a brief discussion of your case, including  any potential conflict of interest background check.

Expert Witness Experience

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