NACE Certified Inspections

Our senior staff inspectors are highly seasoned and well-respected veterans with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels in the architectural, commercial, industrial and select residential markets with NACE Certified Inspections, offered by Level III certified inspectors.

NACE Certified Coating InspectorS

A NACE Level III Certified Coating Inspector is in very high demand throughout the world, and it is the oldest, most recognized, and well-respected distinction an individual can achieve in the professional coating industry. Our staff members have traveled the world conducting a wide variety of our service offerings for industrial, commercial, institutional, governmental and select private clients on a vast array of projects and they hold varying levels of professional distinction.

National Association of Corrosion Engineers

Our Personnel Hold the following NACE Certifications

    • NACE Level 1, 2 and 3 Certified
    • NACE Level III Certified with Bridge Endorsement
    • NACE Level III Certified with Marine Endorsement
    • NACE Level III Certified with Nuclear Endorsement
    • NACE Protective Coating Specialist (PCS)
Best NACE Inspector

Hire AMERICAN Paint Inspection Services For NACE Inspections

  • Full and Part Time Inspections
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Hold Point Inspections
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Training
  • Real -Time Remote Monitoring with Fixed Digital Video and Drone Views

At APIS, we are experts when it comes to paints and coatings. Our staff has earned the highest levels of accreditation in their respective fields and our team members are simply the best in the professional coating industry.

NACE Inspection Experience

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