NACE Certified Experience

Facility Addition for a Powdered Plastic Manufacturing Process System

Noveon, Inc.
Louisville, KY2008

Our NACE Inspection experience was utilized for this plant expansion including the installation of concrete, concrete coatings, structural steel coatings, tank coatings and linings, and the machinery and components of a rail car filling platform. Services were provided to the facility owner and project engineer.

Level III Certified Hold Point Coating Inspections

BW Elliott Manufacturing Company
Binghamton, NY

2014 to Present

I performed and witnessed a wide variety of surface preparation and coating application inspections including post-cure adhesion testing for a series of parts used in the fabrication and construction of an offshore wind turbine platform in the North Sea. My duties included cross-referencing various SSPC, NACE, and ASTM standards with ISO standards, and my report generation was requested to me in metric units. This was a very time-sensitive job as support activities in the North Sea were being hampered by extreme cold weather and high seas. Our responsibilities included delivering the parts during an outage where 100+ men awaited the vitally critical components to return the platform to service. I represented the best interests of the component manufacturers within the confines of the end user’s specifications. The project was completed over the Christmas holiday season on time and under budget, which included bonus compensation for extraordinary performance.

First Coast Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation Project

TEC & Associates
South Portland, ME

Service provided in the Jacksonville, FL area


Managed the full-time coating inspection including the removal of existing lead-based paint, surface preparation, and coating application on the First Coast Railroad Bridge in Fernandina Beach, FL spanning the Amelia River, a designated inter-coastal marine sanctuary. Supervised a staff assisting the client and owner with the development and administration of a site-specific HS&E plan. Worked on behalf of the engineering project managers, TEC & Associates, contractor and owner, FCRR.

Coating Application Inspections for Newly Installed Tank Linings

Point Pleasant, WV


Provided NACE Certified Inspections for the installation of new tank linings on various sized tanks throughout the facility including high-temperature heat curing. Services were provided to the contract engineer and facility owner.

Concrete Floor Rehabilitation at Various Major Retail Store Locations

Corrosion Protection Services
Hamilton, OH

2004 to 2006

Provided site assessments to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Ohio regarding the condition of concrete flooring in the consumer and employee areas. Wrote site-specific corrective procedures, hired various subcontractors to perform the repairs, and provided NACE Certified Inspections on all of the installations to be completed as specified. Provided litigation support and expert witness to the facility owner.

Provided NACE Certified Inspections for the installation of SFRM to an entire refurbished 18-floor office tower including the removal of hazardous materials. Was the liaison between owner, engineer, contractor, and State of West Virginia Fire Marshall’s Office. Services were provided to the contractor.

Certified Surface Preparation and Coating Application Inspections

Rotex Global High-Performance Screeners
Cincinnati, OH

2014 to Present

Providing full-time inspection services for the dry abrasive blasting, interior lining, and exterior coating for large industrial vibratory screeners for a third party client located in Canada. Services included welding inspections, surface preparation, and coating applications. The end users’ project specifications required surface contamination soluble chloride testing, blast media pH testing, equipment inspections, surface profile and cleanliness, ambient air quality, wet film, and dry film thickness testing as well as 24-hour ambient condition monitoring. Services are ongoing and provided on behalf of the equipment purchaser.

East Filter Building Renovation Project

Jardine Water Filtration Plant
Chicago, IL

2012 to Present

Chief consultant and coating inspection supervisor for a $ 60 million roof replacement project including the removal of lead-based coatings by dry abrasive blasting, and the application of zinc, epoxy, epoxy (3) coat system to interior structural steel at the largest water treatment plant in the world. This is an ongoing 2+ year project and all of the consulting and NACE Certified inspections conducted are under my guidance and supervision. PIS works on behalf of the owner, the City of Chicago, the project engineers, Milhouse Engineering, the project managers, Walsh Construction, the site painting contractor, Eagle Painting & Maintenance, the steel fabricator and erector, American Steelworks, and Advanced Enameling, the off-site painting contractor responsible for dry abrasive blasting and application of the prime coat for the scheduled replacement steel. This project required ongoing and continuous coordination efforts between the shop and field coating activities to maintain a very rigid schedule and limit the amount of time the roof was open during steel replacement activities. The project continued year-round and included extreme variations in weather conditions including high heat and humidity in the summer, record-breaking driving rains in the spring, and blistering cold winters with relentless wind-driven snow. All of the surface preparation and coating activities were performed while the plant remained in operation. The project is ongoing.

Exterior Coating and Interior Lining of NFCOJ Storage Tanks

Cutrale Citrus Products
Auburndale, FL

2012 to 2013

Consult the client on various aspects of surface preparation, exterior coating, interior lining, and periodic maintenance during the construction of the world’s largest not from concentrate orange juice (NFCOJ) storage tanks. This aseptic bulk processing system facility addition contains (12) 2.15 million gallon carbon steel lined storage tanks capable of storing fresh-squeezed orange juice for an indefinite period of time. The integrity and maintenance of the tank lining system is a highly critical aspect of the ongoing and perpetual operation of this process system. I represented the best interests of the owner.

Illinois Department of Transportation Bridge Repainting Projects

AES Services
Chicago, IL


Authored a comprehensive coating inspection and approval procedure for the first independent hiring of a third party agency to inspect and report on all Illinois DOT bridge coating work to be performed in 2011-12 in District III, Northern Illinois. This included all failure analysis procedures and independent laboratory supervision. Represented the interests of the State of Illinois on behalf of the design engineers and inspection agency. The design engineers were not successful in obtaining the contract.

Coating Application Inspections of an Atmospheric Simulation and Testing Facility

General Electric Corporation
Cincinnati, OH


Provided NACE Certified Inspections for the upgrade of a new atmospheric testing facility including process piping, tank coatings and linings, air handling compression systems, structural and support steel. Services were provided to the contract engineer and the facility owner.

Facility Addition for a Pelletized Plastic Manufacturing Process System

The Lubrizol Corporation
Avon Lake, OH


Provided all of the NACE Certified Inspections for a plant expansion including concrete and structural steel coatings, process piping, air handling, exhaust and dust collecting equipment, tank coatings and linings, and floorings. Services were provided to the facility owner and project engineer.

Inspection of Coatings and Linings for a New Fatty Acid Storage Facility

Proctor & Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

2002 to 2003

I provided written specifications including material selection, contractor selection, and NACE Certified Inspections for the installation of a new fatty acid processing, storage, and transportation facility including process piping, tank coatings, linings, and secondary containment. Services were provided to the contractor.

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