Project Design and Specification Writing

The ability to envision a successful project completion is founded on a vast amount of experience, a strong background in realistic construction expectations, and the ability to provide potential contractors with a predetermined specification which details all of the NACE, SSPC, ISO and ASTM standards that must be followed and the various QA / QC hold points and documentation required throughout the duration of your project.  Our project design and specification writing experience ensures that all of this is done correctly, and upfront.

Start Your Project With APIS & Save Time, Money and the aggravation of many potential PROJECT pitfalls WE HAVE EXPERIENCED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS

Time and time again, our clients wish they would have had us write their specifications in the beginning, and not when the problems and issues begin to manifest in visible failure.

Our unique approach is accountability, detailed record-keeping, and a multitude of hold point inspections to ensure each progressive step in the written procedures is in full compliance with the specifications.


Project Design and Specification Writing Services Include

    • Fitness of a Material for the Intended Purpose
    • Understanding Your Unique Site Constraints and Potential Shut-Down Possibilities
    • Assisting and Selecting Highly Skilled, Experienced and Qualified Contractors
    • Developing Requests for Quotations (RFQ’s) from Potential Contractors
    • Budgetary Development
    • Quality Control Hold Point Inspections
    • Safety, Health and Environmental Considerations
    • Punch List Project Closeout
    • Periodic Warranty Inspections
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Contact us when you need to learn more about our Project Design and Specification Writing services. Our free initial and confidential consultation includes a brief discussion of your case followed up by a conflict of interest background check.

Design/Spec Writing Experience

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