Product Design and Specification Writing Experience

Specification Writing, Contractor Selection and Quality Control

United Launch Alliance
Centennial, CO

2014 to Present

I represent the interests of the owner, a partnership between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, in the rehabilitation of Delta II / IV and Atlas V launch vehicle systems designed to place vehicles into space. Duties include failure analysis, material selection, specification writing, contractor selection, quality control, and periodic warranty inspections. My specification writing experience helped get this project started well.  The project is ongoing.

Various Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting Projects

Paint Platoon USA
Chicago, IL

2010 to 2013

Provided site-specific installation procedures & design specifications, material selection, project estimating & budgeting, inspection procedures, project management, and supervised NACE Certified inspections for over (100+) projects including residential & commercial structures, storage tanks, industrial steel & structures, process piping, and bridge projects for both public and private sector clients. Represented the interests of the coating applicator, owners, and design engineers at various levels.

Fixed Automobile Railcar Loading Platform Repainting Project

Norfolk Southern Railroad
St. Louis, MO


Revised the client’s project specifications to include an alternate coating system to more adequately protect automobile railcar loading ramps. Managed the field surface preparation and coating application including the unique containment requirements while 500+ new cars were unloaded and parked within 250 feet of the fieldwork. Completed the project with zero reported overspray or damage to any new automobiles. Represented the interests of the owner and contractor.

Surface Preparation, Interior Lining and Exterior Coating Inspections

Service Welding & Machine Co.
Louisville, KY

2014 to Present

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contracted indirectly with the client to shop build, interior line, and exterior coat an above groundwater storage tank scheduled to be installed at Pad B of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. My services included writing a pre-approved and comprehensive coating inspection plan, providing full-time inspection throughout the surface preparation and coating/lining application activities and to provide extensive QA / QC documentation at the immediate conclusion of the project. This project continues, and I am obligated to observe, record, report, and perform my duties and various activities in the best interests of NASA while being contracted directly to the tank fabricator.

Football Field Light Pole Rehabilitation Project

Bailey Edwards Design, Inc.
Champaign, IL


Authored the project specifications, coating selection, application procedures, and QA/QC inspection parameters for major light pole rehabilitation project for School District #4 in Champaign County, IL. Worked with various general contractors to procure the contract and was successfully awarded the application of the coatings for the project. Represented the interests of the owner, design engineers and architects, general contractors, and coating contractors.

Re-Painting of City Street Light Poles

The City of Bloomingdale, IL
Bloomingdale, IL


Consulted the client with contract and specification review concerning the surface preparation, coating application, inspection, and ongoing maintenance of city-owned and operated street light poles. Conducted hold point inspections and wrote professional opinions with respect to the contractor’s compliance with the project specifications. I represented the best interests of the City of Bloomingdale.

Staff Training and Coating Specification Writing

Henderson Engineering
Sandwich, IL


Prepared a quality control program in preparation for the client applying for ISO accreditation. This included the training of employees in all phases of surface preparation, coating application, coating inspection, documentation, and the proper calibration, use, and analysis of various inspection instruments and procedures. Worked on behalf of the coating contractor.

State of New York Above Ground Water Storage Tank Coating & Lining

Con-Tech Building Systems, Inc.
Gouveneur, NY


Provided a comprehensive project specification review for a water tower owned by the State of New York. This included material selection alternatives and temporary containment issues regarding the removal, handling, and disposal of hazardous material containing compounds from the structure. Assisted coating contractor, project engineer, and state officials in dispute resolution and the continuation of the project in an agreeable manner. Represented the interests of the contractor.

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